Opinion: Do middle schoolers need phones at lunch?


Mya M., Reporter

December 13, 2018 – Yes, we should have phones at lunch. Many kids get in trouble for having their phones out at lunch, but sometimes it’s for a dumb reason. For example, I got in trouble the other day because I was listening to music. I wasn’t even listening to it out loud because I had headphones in, just minding my own business. However I get called on to take my headphones out and to put my phone in my backpack, not even my pocket. I thought that was unfair because I wasn’t bothering anyone.

In my opinion I think we should be able to have our phones out during lunch as long as nothing gets played out loud. Another reason we should have phones out during lunch is to get  the urge to check it out of the way instead of checking in class because, let’s face it, almost every kid checks their phone during class. If we check it during lunch and do a little scroll through Instagram or watch a few stories on Snapchat, we won’t want to while we’re in class.

Texting our parents is another reason to have our phones out during lunch. We might need to ask them for something we need or tell them about something important. 

I asked the people in my journalism class if they wanted phones at lunch or not. Out of 28 people, 25 said yes and only 3 voted against it. The ones who voted against having phones had the same reason: They think that we won’t interact with anyone. I honestly don’t think that’s what will happen. What’s your opinion?