O.Henry election results are here

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O.Henry election results are here

Gracie G., Reporter

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October 22,2018- Some O. Henry students worked very hard and put in a lot of work running for student council. The students that ran worked over a two month period creating posters and writing speeches expressing why they should win student council.

The election took place on October 17 and students voted on their favorite candidates for officer positions and grade representatives. The candidates recorded speeches and videos that were played during ACES.

One of the winning representatives, Piper Bolin, said, “The main reason I ran is because I want students voices to be heard, and I want to be able to help people all around the school.”

Here are the officers and representatives for this year’s Student Council.

President- John Torres

Vice President- Jacob Henson

Secretary- Juliet Quisenbery

Treasurer- Scarlett Quisenbery

8th Grade Rep- Summer Easton

7th Grade Rep- Abigail Butler

7th Grade Rep- Ze Carroll-Dominguez

6th Grade Rep- Piper Bolin

6th Grade Rep- Nadia Benitez