Guardians of the Galaxy: Should it be in the Marvel universe?

Mercer C., reporter

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March 25, 2019 – Guardians of the Galaxy is a superhero movie about a group of people who have all lost their family. They meet in prison from fighting each other to get a very powerful artifact, an infinity stone. There are six infinity stones. They have one of them. Unfortunately Ronan, a member of a group of evil aliens called The Kree, gets it and they have to stop him from destroying a planet called Xandar.

It is not a typical superhero movie since it focuses more on comedy. For example, when it shows them all before the climax, they’re yawning and looking bored. It is extremely funny, but there is some inappropriate language in the movie. It isn’t deprived of action. For example, there is a giant space battle in the end.

Here is a pro/con list and what I think. This movie is very comedic and has a deep story that ties in well with the other Marvel movies. It does all that and still has good action and dialogue. Guardians of the Galaxy is not a typical superhero movie. It isn’t like The Avengers at all. For example, The Avengers is meant to be a superhero movie that is based on the comic books while Guardians of the Galaxy is meant to just be funny. So if you’re looking for that, keep looking. All in all I would give this movie a ten out of ten. It is one of my favorite movies.