Review: What Starbucks drink should you order?

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Review: What Starbucks drink should you order?

Aaliyah K., reporter

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Having trouble deciding which drink to get at Starbucks? Well, this review will help your choice. I will review the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, the Chai Tea Latte, and the Pink Drink.

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino is a very different Starbucks beverage because it doesn’t contain coffee. The Vanilla Bean Frap contains milk, ice, vanilla bean, and whipping cream. If you want, you can add caramel or extra whipping cream. The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino tastes like a milkshake but more creamy. The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino is perfect when you want a sweet Starbucks drink that’s non-caffeinated. On a scale from one to ten, I would give this drink a seven because it tastes like plain milk unless you get extra whipping cream or you add caramel. The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Grande has 400 calories and costs $3.95.

Chai Tea Latte

The Chai Tea Latte is a caffeinated drink that can keep you warm during the winter. It is creamy and soothes your throat. It has spices that will calm your mind and relieve stress. The Chai Tea Latte is not like coffee because it comes mildly sweet and is tea infused with warming spices. Starbucks says it has the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and soothing. It is made of black tea, cinnamon, clove, and other spices combined with steamed milk and topped off with foam. This is probably one of my favorite Starbucks drinks because it is creamy and sweet, but it is still caffeinated. I would give this drink a rating of eight or nine out of ten because it has a flavor no matter what you add or take out. It will taste just the same if you get decaf or normal. The Chai Tea Latte has 240 calories for a grande and costs $4.25.

Pink Drink

The Pink Drink is a non caffeinated drink that mainly consists of coconut milk, strawberries, and passion fruit. It tastes like Greek Yogurt with strawberries. It is probably the worst Starbucks drink ever. The Pink Drink is soothing to your throat, but it is a waste of your money and doesn’t refresh you at all. The Pink Drink is creamy but watered down so you get big clumps in your mouth. Never get this drink or you will be disappointed. The Pink Drink has 140 calories and costs $4.95 for a grande.