Deep in the heart of the O. Henry lip dub


Leonor H.

Students participating in O. Henry’s 2019 lip dub

September 26, 2019 – Everyone at O.Henry Middle School was getting ready and excited for the lip dub, a music video where students lip sync to popular songs. There were so many different themes for each class, like VSCO, tropical and more. All the classes were ready to show their O.Henry spirit.

All of the students, teachers, and staff members who participated in the lip dub moved into position and prepared to “perform” in front of the camera. During the run through, some students thought it was the real thing, so they threw the confetti. After the run through, they did the real thing and the school heard lots of songs like “Wings,” ” The Greatest Show,” “Tongue Tied,” “I Really Like You,” “Magic,”  “Me,” “Good Morning,” and “The Greatest Show” again. Most of  the students said that they liked the song selections.

After filming the real take for the lip dub, most of the 6th and 7th grade students said that they hoped to lip sync in the spotlight when they get to 8th grade.

“It would be a good way to start the year and it would be really fun,” said 6th grader Evan. Sophia, another 6th grader, said, “I thought it was fun to jump around and see how it worked because it was our first time.” Some people thought it would be better to have it later in the year with more time to prepare.