Opinion: Are school dress codes necessary?


May 2021 –School dress codes are a part of a school’s handbook of expectations for students in most schools. Student dress codes vary across the country, and sometimes they do more harm than good. In this article, I will be writing about my opinion on school dress codes, what they do wrong, why they do it wrong, and what we can do to fix them.

Dress codes for students vary depending on the type of school. For example, you can be forced to wear a uniform at a private school, or you can dress in non-uniform clothing at both private or public schools. The problem with an unfair dress code can happen in both situations. The dress code can be too restrictive on certain students.

First off, the dress code for girls is much too restrictive and absurd. The idea that girls’ clothing is distracting to boys is rude because boys don’t stare at girls all day. And if they do, that’s the fault of the boy, not the girl. Outside of school if a boy bothers a girl because of her clothes, they can call the police. I remember talking with my friend one day in 6th grade, and she said that she couldn’t wear open-shoulder shirts until 6th grade. That made me wonder how dress codes are like for other schools.

Second, restrictive dress codes do not allow for students to be comfortable and be themselves. Some students have different styles, and some like entirely different clothes. Preventing students from being themselves is not a good thing because it limits self-expression. Being uncomfortable does not allow a student to be able to participate and feel a part of the school.

The last statement I have is about how some dress codes are racially discriminatory. Studies have shown that African-American girls get sent to the office more than white girls wearing the same clothes. Racial discrimination is a terrible thing to experience, and it should be fixed as soon as possible. It infuriates many students and hurts them.

In conclusion, the dress code is very much against students’ best interests. My idea on how we fix this problem is that we loosen, or get rid of the dress code entirely. Letting students wear what they want and find out what they want to be is what school is supposed to be about. Also, almost everyone has common sense and knows what is appropriate and what is not in a building where they have to walk quickly and share space with others.