Is the iPhone 12 really worth it?

May 2021 – The iPhone 12 just recently came out on October 23, 2020. It comes in many sizes, such as the normal iPhone 12 which is selling for $799 at the Apple store. The mini is $699 and the pro max is $999.  It comes in many different colors like navy, red, teal, purple, and the traditional black and white. It’s also proven to have a 5G speed and an A14 bionic chip. Apple claims it is supposed to be the fastest chip ever made in a smartphone. There is also a ceramic shield that apparently has a four times better drop performance! Also, Apple just recently proved that the iPhone 12 is the thinnest phone! But the real question: Is the iPhone 12 really worth it? ( I will be using my dad’s phone for this process)

First, I will be testing the looks of the phone. I really liked how the back was very slick and had a nice finish to it. Also, I noticed that the phone had really nice flat edges instead of round edges.. I also loved how the phone had a very large screen. I definitely think the looks of the phone are great!

Now, I will be testing the camera quality. When I went on the camera app I saw that there were many options for what kind of picture you would want to take. I think this is a very cool feature because I kind of thought that this phone had a professional camera quality. I also enjoyed how you could edit your photos like you could on a camera. There were many options and the camera quality was great!

Next, I will be testing the 5G seed. First, when I sent an email that went super fast; it only took about 2 seconds to send! Next, I tried downloading a movie. When I tried to download the movie, it only took about 10 seconds! I was shocked at how fast everything downloaded. Usually, it takes about a minute to download movies and to send emails!

Overall, I think the iPhone 12 is definitely worth it because it has so many amazing features, such as the camera quality and the 5G speed.”

— Kline K.

Overall, I think the iPhone 12 is definitely worth it because it has so many amazing features, such as the camera quality and the 5G speed. I personally don’t think this iPhone would be made for elders because it’s pretty advanced technology and could be a bit confusing for people who haven’t really grown up with technology and aren’t that used to it.

This phone is definitely the best phone yet. It may be a little bit expensive, but just considering the fact that every feature is of great quality, it’s definitely still worth it. I also love how you could choose your own size and color. The format of the phone was also great as well as the nice slick backing of the phone. This phone is definitely worth your money!