What is it like to work at Texas Monthly magazine?


October 2021 – Analisa Camacho works at Texas Monthly in the advertising departmentQuestion: What’s the best thing about working at Texas Monthly?

Answer:  The best thing is the people because everyone is friendly. Also, everyone is so hardworking, but they have fun and they are respectful.

Question:  What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Answer:  I work alongside advertising reps and I try and direct them to the ad that will get them the most people in the target audience to look at it.  So a super hip brand with the most exposure would be like on Instagram.  On the Texas Monthly website the best brands I’ve worked with are BMW, Volvo, and Infinity.

Question:  What’s something you’ve learned while working there?

Answer:  Time management and organization because I work with so many brands and that Texas rocks.

Question:  What are the challenges you’ve overcome while working?

Answer:  Definitely working with lots of different kinds of people outside of the organization and managing people expectations.

Question: Any advice you’d give yourself when you started working there?

Answer: It was my dream job, so I would recommend never giving up. I was trying to meet people and get connections, so I could get this job.

Question: What drew you to working there?

Answer:   The culture and I always wanted to work for news or magazine. Also, because Texas is the state where I grew up in and went to college.

Question:  What’s your process of starting an advertisement?

Answer:  They have a list of products like Instagram posts, or in the magazine or online. The companies have a certain amount of money, so I tell them what they can do.

What is your favorite part of the process of stuff?Answer: Kind of like what I said before. Figuring out the best way to find a way to make make the ads successful; it’s like a puzzle.

Question: How long have you been working there?

Answer: Almost 10 months.