The World around Ms. Parker


Source: Pixabay

September 2021- Ms. Parker is one of the art teachers at O. Henry. She has been teaching art for nine years overall. Before Ms. Parker came here, she taught elementary school art for seven years and she has worked here at O. Henry for two years.


Question: How long have you been teaching?

Parker: This is my ninth year, but only my second year in middle school. I taught elementary school art before this for seven years.


Q: How long have you been doing art?


Parker: Ever since I can remember, basically my whole life.


Q: What are some other hobbies you have besides art?

Parker: I have two small kids; that’s my main hobby, but I love to hike and run. I did those in college.

Q: What are some challenges that you face as an art teacher?

Parker: My biggest challenge would have to be time management. There is just a lot to do and never enough time to do it.


Q: Which college did you go to, or which college would you have wanted to go to?

Parker: I went to Texas State University.


Q: How long on average does it take you to complete a piece of art?

Parker: Over 20 hours because I tend to overwork it and just keep reworking it.


Q: What would you say your art classes are like?

Parker: Every class has its own personality. Some classes are very calm and quiet. Some are very loud and boisterous, and others have some good energy floating through the air. Each class has its own vibe.

Q: What is your favorite thing to draw or paint?

Parker: I love doing nature stuff.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

Parker: Just getting to hang out with kids and do art all day.


Q: In your opinion, what is the easiest part of your job?

Parker: I don’t know if this is the easiest or just my favorite part because after we start a lesson just letting the kids go for it and watching what they create. But the easiest part would probably be just hanging the artwork after it’s all said and done.


Q: What other forms of art do you do besides drawing and painting?


Parker: I used to do a lot of printmaking; I wanted to be a printmaker when I was growing up, but then I had kid, so I don’t do much printmaking anymore.


Q: What is the inspiration for your art?

Parker: Mostly nature and the world around me.


Q: What artists inspire you or who are your favorite artists?

Parker: Well, I love Georgia O’Keeffe, but my favorite is probably Frida Kahlo. There’s also a local artist called Tom Jean Webb, and he does southwest landscapes. I’m digging his art right now.