Basketball vs. Baseball


James S., reporter

Basketball and baseball are two very different sports, but which one is better? 

Let’s start with some facts. Baseball and basketball are the two most popular sports in the United States. Basketball has 26 million players while baseball only has about 15.6 million players. Baseball is played from March to October and basketball is played from November to June.

I think baseball is better because it takes more skill. In basketball it does take some skill. For example, you have to shoot the ball with good aim and have high endurance. But in baseball you must have good hand eye coordination, a strong arm to throw, and the ability to field ground or fly balls.

I also think that baseball is better that there is no time limit. In basketball, if you exceed the time, then the game is over. In baseball, it keeps going until the nine innings are up or longer. This makes for more high scoring and back and forth games which a lot of people like to watch.

Also, most basketball players have to be tall, but in baseball you can be any size and still be as good as anyone else. Take Jose Altuve from the Houston Astros, as an example. He is one of the smallest players in the MLB, yet he is one of the best.

In conclusion, I think that baseball is better than basketball. What do you think?