Urban Art Club at O. Henry


November 2019 – Urban Art Club is an after school club that’s held in room 607. The club is an hour long from 3:45 to 4:45 on Thursdays. You can make clay sculptures and paint. You can come up with creative ideas for art projects, too.

The students in Urban Art club come up with different ideas for where to put a mural that they will create. Each day the students take turns sharing their thoughts and ideas on where to put the mural that they will create and what it will look like. Ms. Montemayor, the art club teacher, says, “Designs are student-driven. But the first mural we are going to do is going to be in the hallway outside of 403 and we’re painting a mural of clouds.”

Ms. Montemayor says, “I provide a space for students to come up with community art based projects and I also provide a space for students to just have fun with arts.” There are different projects students will work on like a painted mural and a mosaic behind a water fountain. The cloud mural will be made with students individually painting sections of the mural. It will be an ombre blue sky with 3-D painted clouds. She also says, “Making a community mural makes my heart sing. It allows for multiple people to have a visual representation of their thoughts and images. And it allows the viewer to engage in the same message.”