Why students should not have homework

Lumi H., Reporter

April 2020 – When you get home, doesn’t it feel good to lay down and have a break from school?

The definition of homework is “schoolwork that a student is required to do at home.”  

I personally think that kids should not have homework because studies show that homework can lead to mental and health problems. Multiple studies have found that getting too much homework can cause  sleep deprivation, unhealthy levels of stress, and even health problems. They even say kids require time to rest and take their minds off of school work. Research found at the US National Library of Health shows that too much stress can cause health problems and homework is the cause of a lot of stress. 

From my own experience I know that homework can cause sleep deprivation. During the days of the week I don’t always get a chance to finish all my homework, so on the weekend I stay up late doing it. Sleep deprivation is bad for your health according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine .

These are just some of the problems with having homework. I think that kids need a break from school.