What it’s like living in quarantine 

Hardison B., Reporter

April 2020 – Our lives have all changed due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Schools and businesses have closed down; many luxuries  of modern society now seem distant to us. We have never experienced a crisis like this before in our lives. This virus trumps over Ebola and sweeps aside the SARS crisis from the early 2000s. 

Somehow through all this, we persevere. We might not be the kindest species or the strongest, but we are the smartest and the most resilient. So, it is our duty as citizens of the world to stay inside and avoid contact. 

This is how I’ve been doing my duty to the world. At the start of lock down, I was not too afraid. I had plenty of entertainment and friends to help pass the time, but, as time went on, I started to get more stressed and afraid. By the second week or so, I was doing online school the best I could. I thought online school would be a breeze, a minor set back during the slower-pace of quarantine, but I was very wrong. I started to feel anxious about school work, like all my teachers were watching me with the same disappointed expressions as I failed to work properly. Aside from the school work, I felt it refreshing to go on bike rides and see and feel the sun. To see everyone doing their part in wearing masks and protective gear made me smile, like everyone was doing their part. In addition to doing school and going on walks, I also made time to play with my friends on our game consoles. To be able to talk to a friend you have not seen face to face to for over a month did wonders in helping the boredom go away.

In conclusion, life has been fun, difficult, and anxious throughout these months. I can’t wait until this quarantine is lifted, and I can do the things I used to do with my friends out in public.