A look into the life of an O. Henry cheerleader with lots of school spirit

A look into the life of an O. Henry cheerleader with lots of school spirit

Sydney H. is a 7th grade O. Henry Middle School student and one of my friends. She loves sports or anything active, and I have never seen her run out of energy. This interview shows a little bit into her life and what it’s like to be an O. Henry Cheerleader with so much school spirit. 

Question:  I know you are on some teams at O. Henry. Which ones and why did you choose these?

Answer:  I’m on the competitive cheer team because I was excited to go to competitions and Disney World, but I’m going to be on soccer team, hopefully the “A” team.

Question: Why did you choose to go to O. Henry when you live so far away?

Answer:  I was originally going to Ann Richards or Small Middle School, but most of my friends were going to O. Henry, and my brother went there. I like that they have a good environment and a dyslexia program.

Question:  What has your experience at O. Henry been like?

Answer:  It’s been good because the teachers and kids are very nice and supportive. I also like the lunch room and how it’s easy to get around the building.

Question:  What is your favorite part about being a cheerleader?

Answer:  Being there with my friends because most of them are on the team. I like tumbling and stunts, even though we aren’t allowed to stunt at the moment.

I like running a lot, and I can get all of my anger out at the ball.”

— Sydney H.

Question:  What is your favorite part about soccer?

Answer:  I like running a lot, and I can get all of my anger out at the ball. We’re really good, but I’m very excited to be on the O. Henry team.

Question:  If you could describe yourself in four words, what would they be?

Answer:  Funny because I make dad jokes a lot. Caring because I’m very understanding of people’s feelings. Athletic because I love to do sports. And energetic because I have a lot of energy.

Question:  How have sports and your life been impacted by Covid-19?

Answer:  For sports, there are not many people on my soccer team, and it’s hard to do cheerleading because we don’thave very many practices anymore.

Question:  How do you juggle doing all of these things and do you ever get stressed?

Answer:  I’ve felt stressed a lot with online school, but I’m very organized. I don’t ever wish that I wasn’t doing any activities, though.

Question:  What kind of things have you been doing in quarantine?

Answer:  I have been hanging out with some of my friends, lots of zoom calls, and cheer practices with friends.

Question:  How has having a broken foot changed your routine?

Answer:  Right now I don’t do sports, but to stay fit I do workouts. I’ve felt more bored and sad, because I like doing things with my friends.