Discussing basketball with Coach David McKey


Coach McKey referees a student v. faculty basketball game.

October 2020 – Coach McKey is an O. Henry P.E teacher and basketball coach. In this interview we went deep into all of his success as a basketball coach, so get excited to find out more.


Question: How has the basketball team been record-wise over the last few years?

McKey: We have won many city championships over the last few years. I have been coaching for 23 years and over that time we have won three or four championships.


Question: Do you enjoy being the basketball coach at O. Henry?

McKey: I love being the basketball coach, and seeing the kids having fun and working hard drives me to be a great coach. That is why I love it so much, anything to make the kids happy.


Question: How many people are usually picked to be on the team?

McKey: About one hundred people try out for the team each year, sometimes more. Ten make the A team, about 15 make the B team, and 20 make the C team.


Question: What areas do you play in: state, city, or district?

McKey: We play city since middle school isn’t allowed to play state or out of state.


Question: Are you the main basketball coach or are you the assistant coach?

McKey: I am the main basketball coach, and my assistant is Coach Richter. We have been working together for a while and we assist each other. For example, I am his assistant coach for 7th grade football.


Question: How do you feel about coaching basketball during the pandemic?

McKey: I hope that the team will get to play, and obviously there’s always that voice saying it is too dangerous. But I am just trying to stay positive and keep hoping for the best.

And since I have been here teaching for 23 years, it has become like another home!

— Coach McKey

Question: Overall, how has your experience been at O. Henry?

McKey: I have enjoyed it a lot! And since I have been here teaching for 23 years, it has become like another home! So, I have loved it with all my heart.


Question: Since we are going back to school, do you have any tips?

McKey: 6th grade is the most fun grade in middle school. And as teachers we try to keep things flowing for new 6th graders. As a 6th grader, it is fun getting to know people and a new school.


Question: Why did you choose to become a basketball coach?

McKey: I chose to be a basketball coach because I enjoy the sport of basketball. I also played basketball in high school, so I am very committed. Since I don’t really

play anymore, I chose to be a coach.


Question: Who is your favorite NBA basketball team and why?

McKey: I grew up loving the Houston Rockets. I lived close to Houston when I was younger in a town called Nederland.